When searching for energy drinks to keep you moving, one of the main questions you might have is what the difference is between Red Bull vs Monster energy drinks. They both have a lot of caffeine and claim to give you that boost of energy you need to make it through the day or an intense workout. But which is better?

Today, we’ll examine Red Bull vs. Monster on five main categories: can size, caffeine amount, calories, flavors, and sugar content.

Can size

You can normally find Monster drinks in the 16 oz version, but some retailers sell a ginormous 24 oz can!

Red Bull, on the other hand, sells four different sizes. You can purchase an 8.4 oz., 12 oz., 16 oz., or 20 oz. can.

However, the winner of this category really depends on your preference. Some would prefer the bigger variety of can sizes Red Bull has, while others would rather have the bigger can sizes Monster offers.

Winner: Push

Caffeine count

Caffeine is the main ingredient in these energy drinks that stimulates you. For this comparison, I examined the smallest size can available for each drink and divided the caffeine count by the amount of ounces per can. Monster has a whopping 160 mg of caffeine in their 16 oz can, while Red Bull has 80 milligrams in their 8.4 oz can.
On a per ounce basis, Monster has more caffeine (10.0 per oz) than a Red Bull energy drink (9.46 per oz).

Winner: Monster


If you’re attempting to lose weight, then calories are very important to you. A good look at the smallest can sizes of Red Bull vs Monster reveals that Monster has 220 calories (13.75 per oz), while Red Bull has 110 calories (13.09 per oz). Again, on a per ounce basis, Red Bull has a lower calorie count.

Winner: Red Bull


The taste of these drinks really depends on the consumer, but you can compare the amount of flavors to determine a winner for this category. Red Bull has 10+ flavors, but Monster has 34+ in total across its various editions.

Winner: Monster


Sugar is a big concern these days, with lots of focus on minimizing daily sugar intake. Monster contains a whopping 54g of sugar (3.38g per oz) in their 16 oz can, while Red Bull contains 26g of sugar (3.10g per oz) in their 8.4 oz can. It’s a close one, but Red Bull wins this category.

Winner: Red Bull


For an 8.4 oz Red Bull it’ll cost around $2.00 per can (24 cents per oz). Monster is around $2.00 for a 16-ounce can (12.5 cents per oz.). It isn’t hard to figure out that Monster is significantly cheaper. 

Winner: Monster

The Verdict

Red Bull wins some categories and Monster Energy wins some. It all depends on where you place the most importance. If you want the best bang for your buck, Monster would probably be your choice. If you want an energy drink that‘s slightly “healthier”, then I’d choose Red Bull.